Sunday, 1 September 2013


Youtube  video ideas.

Youtube is another social platform where you can generate some revenue by posting good videos.
But it is not that easy as adsense or affiliate marketing. It requires much more effort and much more patience.some people on youtube are making nearly about 10 lakh rs per month by uploading videos, it sounds good but it isn’t that easy.

The plus point about youtube is that people like to watch videos more as compared to reading a blog.
Hence you could attract more viewers.

How do I earn via youtube

As I mentioned before earning via youtube is not that easy. To earn via youtube you have to become a youtube partner. Once you have uploaded your video and it has more than 1 million yes right that’s 1 million views and over 1000 subscribers on youtube then youtube will approach you to become youtube partner. Now once you become partner with youtube they will put ads besides your video and when someone clicks on it you will get paid. But the challenging thing here is to get 1 million views and 1000 subscribers. I don’t want to mislead you by telling that you can start earning within a few time, of course you can if your videos are good enough and people share them. So in order to attract people you need to think differently for example there is a common trend on youtube to post funny videos which people like to watch but nowadays there are many people who have such collection of videos on youtube so you posting funny videos is not going to work.

So what kind of videos do I make ?

First of all think in your mind what kind of videos you would like to watch on youtube is it sporting videos?? Dance videos?? Recipie videos?? Or what??  Then when you find an answer to this question you will get an idea.

Best video idea.

So your task is to make 1 million views and 2000 subscribers for that you could make videos of reviews of different gadgets which are trending currently in the market. For example if  a new model of i-phone is launched then you could ask a nearby retailer to make a review video of it and post it on youtube.
Remember such things are searched on the internet a lot especially during their launching period because people are willing to buy upcoming gadgets and they want to know the features of it.
So you could be assure that your video has max number of views.

There are many successful youtube channels which post such video reviews of gadgets and they are doing well. Initially you don’t need to buy a brand new gadget to review it .just visit the nearby mobile phone store and request him to take a review you could also pay him some amount. If your channel becomes succesfull (of course it will take time) you could buy your own gadets also. There are many people who buy newly launched gadgets and post their review videos on youtube as early as possible to get max views.

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