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facebook page continued....

facebook page continued....

Hello in the previous post I have discussed about some tips to create a successful facebook page.
Now in this post I am going to tell you some things which you need to know for a long run while promoting your facebook page.

So you have created a page, uploaded good content and shared it with your friends and I’ll be quite sure that you will get plenty of likes from your page. But the main motive behind creating a page is not just to reach out only to your friends but also to other facebook users. And it is not as easy as it appears.

3-5 days after you have launched your page you will notice that the number of likes to your page will remain constant, or it would increase at a very slow pace. And trust me it’s quite normal for such thing to happen because till now you have shared your page only with your friends so it’s quite obvious to get likes from them, but what about other people? How would they come to know about your page?

So the main challenge for us is to reach out new audience that would like your page.

So for this here are some tips you may follow to promote your page.

So what to do…..?

1. Comment on the content of other famous pages.

Your first task would be to find the page which is similar to yours or which has some relation with the subject of your page. For example if you have a page relating to gadgets, then you should make a list of page related to gadgets which have a huge amount of likes on facebook. Now you must post interesting comments on their page , the comments should be good enough to draw the attention of the audience. Once they like your comment it would be displayed on the topmost column .And hence most people will notice your page name and your page logo or picture. So make sure that your page name and page logo are attractive enough that people are tempted to visit your page.

2. Compete with other pages of your kind.

As now you have a list of pages which are similar to yours you need to analyse their pages and find out the plus points about their page and try to incorporate them in your page.try to be better than your competition page. If they are posting good content you must post the best content. If they update page every 2 hours you must update your page every 1 hour.

3. Don’t comment too much on other pages

You must not comment too much on  other pages as they might block you for commenting on their page, just 2-3 good comments on good content will do the trick.

4. Most important rule (consistency + patience)=SUCCESS.

Consistency is the most important thing which you need to have to make your page successful, because people will like the new content ,If there is now new thing on your page then people wont visit your page so it is important that you must update your page consistently.

Patience is the next most important thing which you need , you need to have a lot of patience because you won’t get much likes within less time . you need to have patience to get likes .Don’t be nervous if you don’t get much likes, just keep updating your page consistently and keep your enthusiasm level the same as it was on day one.

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