Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to earn via facebook

How to earn via facebook

Can I earn money through facebook ?
Then answer to above question is yes you can, but not directly but indirectly, if you have a lot of friends on facebook then you can make the most of it. In today’s world of social networking the youth is highly addicted to facebook, they visit more often to facebook than any other site, the reason behind it is to connect and keep up with their friends. But apart from individual pages there are many other pages like business pages, entertainment pages and many others. There are many pages on facebook like rajnikant v/s cid jokes which is the most common liked pages amongst Indians having nearly two million page likes till date. There are many other pages like fun inventors, let this semester go, and etc which are grossing million likes.
These pages are created in early 2008 and have grown rapidly since past three years, many people like me visit this pages and are addicted to them. If you have noticed then you will find that after posting some good content they post an advertisement of some or the other websites which sells t-shirts or similar stuff.
I don’t have a accurate proof but I think that they earn revenue by posting such ads on their pages which eventually reaches to 2million Indian youth. But reaching 2 million likes isn’t that easy such pages are filled with a lot of creativity and humor and it takes a lot of talent to create such kind of entertaining and humorous content which people may find interesting.

The idea behind creating such pages is simple
1.       Create a page and post good and entertaining stuff that the people may like.
2.       When people like your post they simply like and share it with your friends.
3.       When their friends notices that page and finds it interesting then he too likes the page.
And the process goes on……….

So simple solution to reach people is by creating a facebook page.

What subject should I choose to create a facebook page ?

This is the most important part of creating a page. You need to decide the audience you are going to target. Selecting a subject also depends upon the nature of your audience.
For example if you are targeting kids then create a page of their favorite cartoon character.
If you are targeting geeks then create a page of gadgets, if you are targeting car lovers then create the page of branded sports car and so on. Also you must take into consideration what people like in a particular country. For example in India people like humor and entertainment as compared to other things.

In the next post I will tell you more tips of creating a successful facebook page. Till then thank you……


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    1. hi sunil jishnu,
      you can see on the top of your facebook page there is an icon named create a facebook page and you can click on that and the rest of the procedures are same as that of creating a normal facebook account.